Top 5 Lessons Learned from Industry Titans

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Jessica Cottier
Customer Success
Brittany Rycroft
Marketing Director
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Tuesday, August 15 @ 12pm ET, 9am PT
30 Minutes

We’re shouting it from the roof tops - livestream shopping is an absolute must for brands! Why? Because it's all about supercharging customer engagement, building trust, and skyrocketing sales.

With livestream shopping, brands like Apple, Nordstrom, and Philips, can connect with customers in real-time to deliver authentic experiences that create a seamless fusion of social media and ecommerce. It’s a true “who’s-who” of retail heavyweights that have embraced the live shopping revolution and we’re breaking down their livestream experiences to distill the expert insights that will take your next live show from zero to pro.

So, hop on the livestream shopping train, embrace the excitement, and watch your brand soar to new heights with the top 5 lessons learned from the brands that are doing it best.