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The world’s most innovative brands are powering video shopping with Ghost.

Working with the Ghost team has been an absolute pleasure. They are thorough, hands on, and have delivered all they have promised. They have been a wonderful team to help us navigate our foray into live shopping and shoppable videos!

Amy Welsman
CEO & Founder
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The GhostRetail platform has been an incredibly useful tool that has helped streamline our sales process. We have sales coming in that wouldn’t have happened without the GhostRetail live shopping experience. Customers love the ability to connect with us on camera to learn more about Top Shelf and our selection. One-on-one live shopping is helping us build meaningful relationships with our customers, both new and existing.

Live Sales Associate
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Video is king. Make yours shoppable.
How much longer shoppers spend with social media than ecommerce. Let's reverse that trend!
The potential conversion increase from social to shoppable video.
Of consumers want to see more online video content from brands.
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Let’s talk video shopping. Book a free strategy session with us to get inspired and get on your way with offering shoppable video or live video shopping.
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