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Industry-leading live video shopping platform.

Create amazing customer experiences by delivering on-demand one-on-one live video shopping. Drive better business outcomes by mirroring the in-store experience of connecting customers with live associates; providing recommendations, answering questions, and building shopper confidence.

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The world’s most customer-obsessed retailers are powering
live shopping with Ghost.

Drive incremental

Recapture missed sales driven by customer uncertainty. Live co-shopping guidance leads to higher confidence, more conversions, and lowered return rates.

Seamlessly connect to your existing website.

Offer the ultimate customer experience that layers directly into your existing site and tech stack. Implement Ghost's live shopping platform with minimal IT lift.

Humanize your online experience.

Personalize the customer journey in ways that text, chatbots, and phone support can’t by connecting customers with live shopping associates on demand.


Replicate the in-store experience virtually: Share products, build bags, and complete orders within a live shopping video call.

Give online shoppers an elevated customer experience that mirrors what they’re used to in-store, virtually. Ghost’s live shopping platform seamlessly layers on top of your current website to power one-to-one interactions between customers and associates.

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Sell more online, more often, with live shopping.

Accelerate conversions by providing interactive, personalized support, guidance, and product recommendations.
Power your live shopping experience with in-store retail staff, customer service teams, or dedicated live shopping assistants operating anywhere in the world - from their homes to studio spaces or 'ghost stores'.


Conversion Rate Increase


Increase in Average Order Value


Easily find the bright spots and double down on what's working.

Measure live shopping trends and adoption, and track the success of your live shopping channel with in-depth analytics and performance metrics. Unlock new insights on your customers, your team, and your business.


New live shopping channel. Same tech stack.

Rapidly bring your live shopping experience to market in weeks, not months. Ghost seamlessly connects to your existing ecommerce tools and systems.

Success Stories

Success Stories

The GhostRetail platform has been an incredibly useful tool that has helped streamline our sales process. We have sales coming in that wouldn’t have happened without the GhostRetail live shopping experience. Customers love the ability to connect with us on camera to learn more about Top Shelf and our selection. One-on-one live shopping is helping us build meaningful relationships with our customers, both new and existing.

Live Sales Associate
Top Shelf Distillers
Join the Virtual Lobby
Talk + Shop
Instant Checkout
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Live shopping built to scale for any size business.


Every point of CX differentiation can mean a massive upswing in performance. Ghost’s live shopping platform is trusted by major enterprise brands and can be deployed with minimal IT lift.


Replicate the elevated customer experience of shopping in-store with a major omnichannel retailer without the burden of managing real estate. Bring a personal touch to your brand at scale.

Small Business

Our success is your success; Get started with live shopping easily and affordably as you establish a new sales channel for your business.

The Problem

As ecommerce adoption accelerates and customer acquisition costs spike, merchants must find ways to replicate the frictionless in-store experience to maximize ROI and increase retention.

The Solution

A direct, live shopping sales channel that combines the interactivity and higher conversions of shopping in-store with the convenience of ecommerce, driving short-term AOV boosts and long-term LTV gains.

Time-consuming self-serve online shopping for high consideration products

Expert guided live co-shopping builds customer confidence to speed up the time to purchase

Impersonal, automated chatbot interactions lead to frustrated customers

Personalized face-to-face conversations boost customer happiness and retention

Shopper hesitation and cart abandonment

Shoppers rapidly receive the information they need to drive higher conversions

Customer experience gap between in-store and DTC purchases

Simulate the in-store experience online with on-demand live associates

Uninspired + underutilized retail staff with low job engagement and high turnover

Empowered brand ambassadors and product evangelists

Long + resource-heavy integrations

Quick + simple code snippet implementation minimizes IT lift

Level up your live shopping experience.

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