Mastering Interactive Video for Ecommerce

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Jessica Cottier
Customer Success
Logan Randell
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Tuesday, June 27 | 12pm ET / 9am PT
40 action-packed minutes

In the hyper competitive ecommerce sphere, the difference between a potential sale and an unforgettable shopping experience is video. But not just any video - we're talking interactive video.

Take the videos you've put blood, sweat, and tears into, and transform them into an immersive, interactive journey that brings the vibrancy of social media discovery to your website. With GhostRetail’s Shoppable Video platform, you’ll create an engaging browsing experience that has audiences staying longer and the conversion rates climbing higher. Watch our webinar and unlock the power of interactive videos in the time it takes to brew your coffee.

It’s time to bring your products to life with interactive videos.

Join Ghost as we discuss:

  • The types of content that will turn your videos from just watchable to irresistibly clickable.
  • How to harness the GhostRetail experience to turn your ideas into immersive videos.
  • The tricks of the trade for adding and styling shoppable videos on your website.