Not-so-basic ecommerce:

Get face time with your customers with live personal shopping

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Cause sometimes shoppers need that personal touch

Connect with customers one-on-one on demand or by appointment to answer questions, show products in real time, and provide truly personalized recommendations.

Set a new gold standard for customer experience
Offer service on-demand or by appointment
Boost conversions, order values, and loyalty
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How live personal shopping works

With GhostRetail, you’re engaging customers in a live co-shopping end-to-end experience. Imagine an associate providing one-on-one service while walking through a store. We simulate this experience online using video and interactive tools, taking shoppers from simply browsing to checking out.

Promote live shopping throughout your site

Use our library of banners, buttons, and more

Create multiple widgets to control the surface area you give each promotional callout, by product, collection, or site-wide

Turn live shopping availability on and off whenever you want

Give customers the ability to schedule a live call outside business hours

Customers enter a branded waiting room

Shoppers can still freely browse your site while waiting, add items to their cart, and access or add to their favorites

Play branded videos that showcase your latest lines or promotions

Live associates can guide the shopping experience

Face-to-face video chat allows associates to show or demo products in real time

Associates can zap (share) collections, products, or specific details to a customer for consideration

Variants can be pre-selected when sharing a product with a customer for easy add-to-cart functionality

Or customers can take the lead

Shoppers can freely browse within a session to a relevant product or collection they’re interested in

Mirroring mode allows associates to follow where the shopper is going and what they’re viewing

Shoppers and associates can both add to bag

Ease shoppers into checking out by having associates add products to a customer’s basket

Customers can also add or remove items themselves

Checkout takes place within the experience

Shoppers don’t have to leave their live shopping session to checkout

Associates can provide assistance in case of issues or errors, reducing checkout abandonment while abstracting all customer PII

If a customer wants to continue shopping, their cart remains intact after a session ends

Monitor performance in real time

Track the performance of your live shopping experience down to the associate level

Measure number of connected calls, wait times, number of products shown, basket sizes, conversions, and more

Why live personal shopping

Build shopper confidence

Who’s got time for endless research? Live personal shopping answers Q’s in a flash, getting more shoppers to checkout.

Reduce returns

Help shoppers make the right choice the first time. Hop on a live shopping call to track down the exact right product.

Track conversions by associate

Find your live selling superstars with sales metrics on a by-associate level.

Give shoppers a hand at every stage

Take the guesswork out of shopping. Live personal shopping rapidly moves customers from discovery to consideration to conversion.

Increase AOV with truly personalized recommendations

AI gets patterns, not preferences. Boost AOV by up to 30% with the personal touch only a live selling associate can provide.

Drive instant conversions with tailored offers

Forget one size fits all promos. Live shopping associates can hook customers up with real time discounts to close sales.

Offer a perfect hybrid between in-store and online shopping

Deliver the bespoke service shoppers are used to getting in-store, anywhere. Skip the cost of building more stores and expand virtually.

Rapidly test and deploy marketing and promotions

Never mind dev cycles: Live personal shopping lets you instantly test and get feedback on new messaging, products, and promotions.

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