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Vimeo Interactive Video Platform Overview 2024

Discover Vimeo’s interactive video capabilities and how it compares to Ghost. Drive engagement with clickable hotspots, shoppable video and more.

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Vimeo has come a long way from its roots as the first video-sharing service allowing users to upload videos in HD. For filmmakers and creatives alike, this format was more accessible to a wider public and encouraged people to start producing quality content. Vimeo was considered a rival to YouTube sans the ads. Now, Vimeo has evolved into a platform to create, edit, and share videos. Out of the many solutions offered, this article provides an overview of Vimeo’s interactive video tool.

What is Vimeo interactive video?

Vimeo’s interactive video tool allows you to take your videos to the next level of engagement with clickable links within them, such as shoppable links, CTAs, quizzes, and more. Vimeo’s interactive video editor is fully integrated within the platform’s suite of tools allowing for rich video experiences. It allows you to publish across websites and social channels, and measure the results. 

Vimeo interactive video image of shoppable video
Image courtesy of Vimeo

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Vimeo Interactive video capabilities

Code-free video editor

Gone are the days of having to code your video onto your site. Vimeo uses a code-free video editor, allowing users to create videos using a simple drag and drop interface. This makes it easier to turn out interactive video without the waiting time of development.

Clickable hotspots

One of the powerful features of this video editor is AI-powered clickable hotspots. With this feature, you can leverage computer vision technology to pin clickable elements to specific objects on the screen. This allows viewers to engage directly within the video, learn more, and interact with the content.

Custom overlays

Create interactive experiences by optimizing your videos with fully customizable overlays. This feature allows you to add layers of content and information, such as additional videos, photos, buttons, and more. The video branching feature allows audiences to select multiple paths within a single video, creating navigable content and unique experiences. 

Shoppable video

Shoppable video allows ecommerce brands to turn videos into immersive shopping experiences. Add clickable elements to individual products within a video, overlay additional product information, and "add to cart" buttons. This allows customers to shop directly within a video, creating a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Pro Tip: Be sure to add shoppable video throughout your site, including your homepage, PDPs, checkout and more. Lucky for you, we’ve created a guide on where to add shoppable video on you site.

Video analytics

Vimeo’s comprehensive reporting and analytics, allow you to track key metrics like sales, audience engagement, and message retention. With this data, it will help you optimize your video content for maximum impact and ROI.

What are the use cases for Vimeo interactive video?

On their site, there appears to be three main use cases for using interactive video.

Video marketing

Interactive video can give marketers an edge when engaging with their target audience. By analyzing the level of engagement, such as clicks, views, and shares, marketers can gain powerful insights into what works and what doesn't. This information can then be used to create future video content that is tailored to the interests and preferences of their audience. By telling a story through interactive video, marketers can capture the attention of their audience and increase their brand awareness.

Employee communication

Interactive video is a powerful tool that HR teams can use to train and onboard employees in a self-guided way. Some ways to engage teams include quizzes, assessments, and other interactive elements that help employees retain information and apply it in real-world scenarios. Plus, interactive video is a fun and engaging way to learn, which can lead to higher levels of employee satisfaction and retention.


Video meets commerce for brands looking to engage and convert customers. One of the most popular use cases for interactive video, or sometimes referred to as shoppable video, this use case ties nicely to a ROI. While social media platforms, like TikTok Shop, are starting to allow brands to showcase and sell products online, it does mean you are at the mercy of these companies. 

Many brands are opting to create a social media-like experience on their own websites. For example, featuring user-generated content (UGC) videos, product demonstration videos, and reviews on their home pages, and allows visitors to scroll through the videos easily. Alternatively, by integrating social media feeds, customers can discover new products in an entertaining way on the brand's website. This approach offers the best of both worlds. We'll delve into more detail on this topic shortly. 

Ghost video carousel with multiple customers
Ghost video collection carousel

Choosing the right Interactive video platform: Vimeo vs. Ghost     

Vimeo’s platform is more than just interactive video. Interactive video is just one of the many solutions provided by the platform. It really comes down to your company’s specific needs and where you are in your video journey. If you are looking for an all-encompassing platform to create, edit, and share all types of videos, Vimeo can be a great option. (In the case that you're looking for a more cost effective video editor, we've put together a list of 25 free video editing apps.)

Alternatively, if you are looking for an easy-to-use interactive video platform that does just that, then Ghost is probably your best bet. No matter where you are starting in your video journey, we make creating, publishing and measuring interactive video simple. We’ve even seen our customers create and upload videos on their site in only a day!

To help break it down, we’ve provided a comparison of key interactive video features for both platforms below.

FIELD1 Vimeo Interactive Video Ghost Interactive Video
Interactive video uploads and creation Not specified, but the Advanced Plan includes 500 videos Unlimited video - even on Basic (free) plan
Interactive Features Clickable hotspots, custom overlays, shoppable video, branching and
Create a hotspot or CTA with any URL - this can be anything from a product page (PDP), book a meeting link and more
Video hosting Yes Yes
Website embed Embed code provided Embed code provided
User pricing model Pay per seat Unlimited
Performance Analytics Yes Yes
Integrations for video upload Bulk upload, including Dropbox, servers Bulk upload, including Dropbox, CDN, and Instagram
Support Based on plan, including self-servce knowledge base, email, chat and phone Help center, email and chat included on all plans


How much does Vimeo Interactive Video cost?

Vimeo does offer a free plan for regular video upload and creation, however, you do need to purchase their Enterprise plan for interactive video. No pricing is available on their website, but there is a link to contact sales.


Interactive video is here to stay. As video consumption continues to grow, brands are increasingly using interactive video to transform passive viewers into active buyers. Companies aiming to increase sales and engage with the next generation are focusing on integrating content and commerce.

Tying interactive video to the social experience

Social media companies have attempted to sell products through their own platforms. However, this approach has its risks for brands looking to take advantage of this offer including, limited access to video metrics, commission fees, and over-reliance on their platforms. Despite the risks, the format of scrolling through videos on social media has proven to be a fun and entertaining way for users to discover new products.

At Ghost, our video formats with a 9:16 ratio that allows for easy scrolling and browsing of video collections. We believe the social-like video experience can directly translate to increased engagement and conversion on your site. Try Ghost for free today.

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