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Boost cart sizes by 40%+ through live video shopping

Build a human connection and trust with shoppers

Provide truly personalized in-call cross-sells and upsells

Introduce new products customers may not have considered on their own

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Provide recommendations based on preferences, not patterns

AI-based recommendations are missing a key piece of information: What a shopper actually wants. Live shopping associates can learn about a customer’s preferences and more accurately suggest cross-sells that’ll work for them.

Build on a customer’s existing bag

Live shopping associates are able to see what’s in a shopper’s cart when they connect to a call. They can use this information to get a sense of a customer’s tastes and recommend other products that’ll work well with what they’re already interested in.

Upsell premium products 

It’s not always easy to tell the benefits of choosing a premium product on a retailer’s website. But a live sales associate can talk through product differences, benefits, and value, and even compare items to lower value options.

Connect with trusted sources

Live shopping calls can be staffed by anyone - including product evangelists, stylists, or even influencers. Promote the expertise and social reputation of your live shopping team to inspire shoppers to buy more based on trusted recommendations. 

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