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Build loyalty and drive higher customer lifetime value with live video shopping

Provide a differentiated, elevated CX that can't be beat

Humanize the online shopping experience to build trust

Create a rapport with customers to offer a truly tailored shopping experience

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Offer on-demand support when customers need it most

Forget back and forth emails or scheduled appointments (unless of course, a shopper wants to book one). Provide on-demand service to every shopper to show you’re truly customer-obsessed. 

Build a reputation for product expertise

There’s a difference between employees hired in the stockroom and those on the front lines. Staff your live shopping experience with knowledgeable, passionate associates and generate that ‘front line’ reputation of expertise and support.

Generate word-of-mouth referrals

A happy customer is more likely to refer their friends and family. Having a live shopping experience is a new, innovative way to shop, and something your most loyal shoppers will be happy to try out and share with others - exponentially boosting revenue.

Make every interaction count for more

Live video shopping calls are a proven way to drive higher revenue. Position your live shopping service as a VIP experience and watch the order values soar time and time again as shoppers are presented with dynamic cross-sell and upsell ideas.

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