Learn in 6 Steps How to Launch a Live Video Shopping Experience that Drives Sales

Fast track your way to a 20x higher conversion rate and 2x higher AOV

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Build trust and generate more revenue by offering 1:1 tailored service. We’ll show you exactly how to:

Choose, set up, and equip a live shopping space

Hire and train live shopping associates

Strategically roll out your live shopping service

Promote your new shopping channel to drive maximum results

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Learn how to start a live shopping experience from scratch

Make the most of every visitor your ecommerce site captures by creating a live one-to-one video shopping channel. Boost retention, conversions, and AOV, all while optimizing your CAC to CLTV ratio. Download our free ebook and follow a simple roadmap to create your own live shopping experience based on best practices from the hundreds of thousands of transactions we’ve processed.

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