🚀 6 Ecommerce Trends You Can't Afford to Ignore in 2023
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Enhance employee engagement with a fun, interactive way to sell

Boost in-store retail employee engagement with a whole new way to provide service

Maximize revenue per employee during store downtime

Offer employees flexible work from home arrangements

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Expand the geographic footprint of your workforce

The best live selling associates may not be anywhere close to your company headquarters or brick and mortar locations. Live video shopping breaks down these barriers, allowing you to hire the best product experts and evangelists that can sell from anywhere.

Offer flexible schedules and work-from-home

For the first time ever, selling products for a retailer doesn’t have to happen within a retailer’s store. Retail employees can sell from home, and toggle their availability on and off on a schedule that works for them, rather than a rigid shift.

Create a new, dynamic role within retail environments

Some people are born to sell. Live shopping gives retail associates a chance to flex their personal shopping muscles and provide an interactive experience, just like they would in store. Encourage associates to promote their live shopping expertise elsewhere and build up a reputation among their network.

Leverage downtime in retail locations

Minimize employee boredom and boost online revenue by tapping retail employees to service online shoppers. Share the live shopping queue among multiple retail locations to expand hours and service customers more quickly.

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