Still serving up ecommerce like it’s 1999?

Let’s fix that with video commerce

Unlock a full suite of easy-to-use video commerce tools that will take your website from stale to sensational. Join us for a free strategy session to discover the right video commerce strategy for your ideas, goals, audience, and budget.

Be better than search, point, click, repeat. Upgrade your commerce experience with the power of video.
Shoppable Video
Make any video shoppable in seconds and make it fun and easy to discover products or services in a new way.
1:Many Livestream Shopping
Connect with and entertain your audiences at scale with interactive livestream events. Go live in one click or use prerecorded content.
1:1 Live Personal Shopping
Provide the ultimate in tailored customer service with one-on-one shopping support, available on demand or by appointment.
Say goodbye to boring ecommerce with Ghost’s video commerce suite
Struggling to engage customers and boost sales? Ghost’s video commerce solutions hook customers from the first look, and keep them coming back for more.

Sell more with Shoppable Video

Static images and text are so Y2K. Put a face to your brand with authentic behind-the-scenes videos, product walkthroughs, or reviews that inspire shoppers to hit checkout.

Free Shoppable Video

Build the show of your dreams with Livestream Shopping

Give your followers and fans front row seats to the latest and greatest from your brand. Create immersive live events that highlight new products or collections, provide demos, or share styling or design tips.

Let's Talk Video

Set a new gold standard for your customers with Live Personal Shopping

Connect with customers one-on-one on demand or by appointment to answer questions, show products in real-time, and provide truly personalized recommendations.

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No ecommerce? No problem!

Video commerce isn’t just for online shopping - use it to sell services, real estate, charitable donations and more. If you’ve got an action you want consumers to take, video commerce can point them in the right direction.

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Shoppable Video Examples
Get ready for your closeup
Let’s talk video shopping. Book a free strategy session with us to get inspired and get on your way with offering shoppable video or live video shopping.
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