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Give your ecommerce experience a glow up by taking any social video and making it part of the on-site discovery experience with Ghost’s free shoppable video platform.

Don’t let your best social content die by scroll. Give it a second life on your site.
Drive product discovery through video on your site, not social
Make any video asset you create or already have shoppable in seconds
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Shoppable video
It’s like if TikTok and ecommerce had a baby
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Make your social videos work harder
Convert casual scrollers into engaged shoppers by serving up shoppable video. Create an immersive and interactive video experience that encourages organic product discovery right on your website.

Bank on your empire, not rented land

Social media comes with risks: Regulations change, algorithms shift, and reaching your hard-earned audience can become impossible overnight. Don’t rely solely on social. Take control of your brand’s destiny by driving more traffic and sales through your site with shoppable video.

Escape the content creation hamster wheel

Stop creating content just for it to be lost in the endless scroll. Repurpose your best social content and extend its lifespan. Give your videos the spotlight they deserve by placing them on your website and providing a lasting impression.

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Ghost’s free shoppable video tool seamlessly integrates with your existing website. No complicated setups or technical setups. Just plug and play and start creating unlimited shoppable video in minutes.

Boost ROI and continuity

Bridge the between your social and website content and offer a seamless journey by showcasing your best social videos on your site. Increase engagement, build brand loyalty, and boost your ROI.

Shoppable Video Examples
Get ready for your closeup
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