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Leverage existing customer service staff to field live shopping calls on demand or by appointment

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Conversion and retention are the name of the game for virtually all modern ecommerce brands - and a massive portion of that comes down to the customer service a shopper receives at every step in their journey. Many merchants have made heavy investments in new customer service channels for the purposes of providing not just support, but shopping guidance. Yet there’s still a missing element in channels such as phone, email, live chat, or SMS - and that is 1:1 visual feedback. 

Ghost’s video-based online shopping platform lets shoppers and customer service associates interact as if they were having a conversation in a store. This gives the associate the opportunity to see specific things a customer wants to share - like their physical appearance, an outfit, or a living space - to help guide shoppers to the perfect products for them. 

Who should offer customer service-staffed online shopping support?

Live shopping can be seen as the pinnacle of online customer engagement, and can ultimately fall under the umbrella of customer experience teams. Instead of back-and-forth emails or chats, shoppers can get their questions answered quickly by customer support teams, with the benefit of video feedback.

Businesses with customer experience teams can allocate dedicated resources to answer live shopping calls on demand or by appointment, or they can be handled by the entire team alongside other support channels. 

A primary difference with live shopping is how it’s offered on demand, as well as on an appointment basis - giving shoppers flexibility to get the answers they’re looking for on a schedule that works for them. Live shopping associates should be prepared to help funnel shoppers go from consideration to conversion, as a unique nuance in how customer support typically functions.

How Ghost’s online video shopping and sales platform can tap into your existing customer experience strategy

Leverage existing customer support team members

Your customer service team members are already experts on helping customers, your brand, and your products. Tapping customer experience members to answer live shopping calls is a way to elevate the role from responder to advisor. Plus, with metrics available on a by-team-member basis, it’s easy to see which team members are excelling at live shopping.

Offer a new gold standard of customer experience with complete flexibility

Live video co-shopping offers more interactivity than any other type of traditional ecommerce support. Ghost’s video-based online shopping platform can be calibrated to your organization’s individual needs and desires. Choose what hours your live shopping support is available, toggle individual customer service team availability on and off, select where live shopping entry widgets are displayed, and offer shoppers the ability to book an appointment or connect on demand.

Fill gaps not covered by other support channels

The number one perk of Ghost’s online sales platform is the ability to engage through video. No more swapping emails with attachments back and forth. No more trying to describe an item over the phone or text. Instead, live shopping associates can get an instant glimpse of what a shopper is looking for support on. And for customers, they can get a closeup look at products they were considering.

How Ghost’s customer service online selling platform helps businesses grow

Most customer support channels are all about resolving customer issues, but live video shopping is a little different. While it can be used to help a customer in the post-purchase phase, for example, by providing a demo or explaining a warranty, the primary use case for live shopping comes during the consideration phase of a shopper’s journey. 

Unlike SMS or chat, live video shopping calls placed through Ghost’s online shopping platform can actually facilitate transactions within the call, meaning revenue can be generated from a savvy, sales-oriented support team, as opposed to simply functioning as overhead. 

While live shopping calls can be hosted out of any customer support center, how they’re staffed and operated is completely flexible. Ghost’s transparent analytics break down performance by every associate, giving you line of sight into who’s got a natural knack for selling on camera, and who may make sense to put forward as a dedicated resource for live video shopping support.


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