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Bring the In-Store Experience Online with an Omni-Channel Retail Video Shopping Solution

Deliver the theater of the store to any customer, anywhere, and provide an exceptional online shopping experience that mirrors the benefits of shopping at a brick and mortar location and provides a distinct advantage over browsing marketplaces.

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Post-pandemic foot traffic levels still aren’t what they used to be, squeezing already tight margins in brick and mortar locations. That’s why it’s more critical than ever to find omni-channel retail solutions that enhance the online shopping experience. Live shopping can be an effective way to amplify the revenue per employee or square foot in any retail store, without actually needing to build more stores.

Omni-channel retail, of course, isn’t exclusive to brands with online and retail store channels. DTC brands with a wholesale or marketplace channel can recapture more customers on their native site experiences by offering an elevated customer experience through an omni-channel retailing solution like live shopping.

Who should offer in-store live shopping?

Omni-channel retailers with at least one brick and mortar location are a natural fit to host in-store live shopping calls. Employees can be leveraged exclusively for live shopping calls, or may answer them between other in-store duties. The store becomes the backdrop for the call, with employees navigating the retail location in real time to showcase products and give shoppers a taste of the retail experience.

Don’t have a brick and mortar store? No worries. You can create a ‘ghost store’ through our studio model, equip your customer service team to answer calls, or even recruit associates to sell from home.

How Ghost’s video shopping solution helps omni-channel retailers

Leverage under-trafficked stores or unengaged employees to maximize online sales

Turn in-store downtime into an effective support channel for online shoppers. Give retail employees a more fulfilling role by engaging in live personal shopping support. Showcase store merchandise in real time to help online shoppers make a buying decision confidently.

Virtually expand the footprint of brick and mortar locations

Omni-channel retailing merchants can bring the theater of the store to everyone by hosting live shopping calls in stores. Brands with limited retail locations can share the in-store experience with customers who may otherwise never be able to visit. Reach new markets with a simulated in-store experience without needing to invest in more stores.

Improve the CX of your core ecommerce experience

Give shoppers a reason to visit your ecommerce property instead of a marketplace or third-party reseller by offering an exclusive, elevated customer experience. Provide product experts and advanced customer support with live shopping that can’t be beat elsewhere online.

How Ghost’s omni-channel retail platform helps businesses grow

Live shopping is a proven way to help more customers cross that finish line from consideration to conversion, by answering questions in seconds that may take a customer hours to determine on their own – if they don’t just give up. 

Giving shoppers a glimpse into your retail store helps build stronger bonds and brand loyalty, particularly for customers who may never have an opportunity to visit a brick and mortar retail location otherwise. Plus, the ability to virtually browse a store is an amazing opportunity for a customer to get immersed in your product line and find something they truly love.


Conversion Rate Increase


Increase in Average Order Value

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