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Ecommerce has broken the mall by offering shoppers the flexibility to shop whenever and from wherever they want. But ecommerce itself is missing the efficiency and relationship-building of face-to-face interactions that happen in-store. With Ghost’s easy implementation and user-friendly interface, it’s not just the shoppers who can be anywhere, anytime; it’s the people staffing your live selling experience.

Live selling connects an online shopper with a virtual associate on demand. The live sales associate can answer questions, provide recommendations, and build shopper confidence.

Who should offer at-home or remote live shopping?

The flexibility of Ghost means any brand can host a live selling call from anywhere - including from home. Remote selling works well for brands without a brick and mortar location, or with brands that have a distributed network of experts and sales affiliates that aren’t able to visit a centralized studio location. Finally, brands with an army of independent live selling associates or consultants may also want to give their salespeople the ability to sell any time, any place. 

It’s also a great way to test the waters with live selling. As long as associates have access to a smartphone, they can answer calls - or brands can provide kits with backdrops, lighting, and other equipment to create a more polished setup.

Want more control over your live selling channel? Try hosting live selling calls in a brick and mortar location, out of your customer service headquarters, or in a virtual store or ‘studio’.

How Ghost’s video shopping solution makes it possible to offer live selling from anywhere

Offer live stream selling outside of typical retail hours

During store hours, not only can omnichannel retailers staff their live selling channel with in-store employees, but they can also bring on live selling associates that work exclusively during off-hours, from home. Extend service hours by letting your live selling team work from anywhere, providing support to customers no matter when they’re shopping.

Recruit product experts, advocates, and influencers from around the world to sell for you

The best talent to sell your products may not be located near your headquarters or retail locations. Ghost’s live selling platform enables brands to bring on top talent that can easily connect into the platform from anywhere, with easily trackable sales attribution.

Offer work from home and flexible hours to attract and retain employees

In a post-Covid world, employees from virtually every industry are demanding more flexible working conditions. Staff using Ghost as a live video selling platform have the ability to toggle live selling call availability with a single tap. This allows associates to control their call capacity and work around their own schedules.

How Ghost’s live selling platform helps businesses grow

There are some things humans do better than machines–offering real-time responses to individual questions is one of them. Live selling is a great way to connect shoppers with experienced and knowledgeable associates from anywhere in the world to help boost confidence in their purchases. 

Offering live shopping associate roles that can be fulfilled from anywhere in the world on any schedule is huge growth opportunity for any brand. There is a world of talent that brands can recruit--from influencers to content creators, you can track individual performance metrics such as conversion and double down your investment on top performers.


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