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The Ultimate Guide to Video Shopping for the Holiday Season

Stand out this holiday season by adding video to your marketing and promotions strategy. Get the scoop with dozens of fresh ideas here.

The holiday season is a peak sales time for retailers and ecommerce brands, and the competition is fiercer than ever. With every brand pulling out all the stops for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM), how can you differentiate your brand and make the most out of this lucrative period? Welcome to the new frontier of online retail: video commerce. In this blog post, we’ll unpack key goals merchants have for the holiday season and discuss how incorporating video can help you hit your targets. Let's dive right in!

Goal 1: Make Your Gift Guides Shine

Get Inspired by TikTok

TikTok has revolutionized how we consume video, so why not apply this user experience to your gift guides? Using Ghost's free shoppable video tool, you can create TikTok-style feeds on your website that feature short, engaging videos for each product. This dynamic presentation offers valuable information that can influence your customer's purchasing decisions, making it easier for them to find the perfect gift.

Leverage Livestreams

Another avenue to explore is hosting livestreams for your gift guides. These can be one-off events or a series based on different categories or audiences. Ghost’s livestreaming platform makes it easy to set up and also offers a replay library, perfect for last-minute shoppers looking for additional inspiration they may have missed the first time around.

Goal 2: Own the Peak Sales Season (BFCM)

Launch Your BFCM Promotions with Livestreams

Ever thought about launching your BFCM promotions via a livestream? Not only does this create excitement, but it also allows you to offer exclusive early access or additional discounts to viewers. Ghost makes it seamless to link your viewers directly to sale products right from within the livestream.

Create Urgency with Time-Limited Livestream Sales

If you want to go all in, host an exclusive one-hour livestream that focuses solely on doorbuster sales. This approach creates an inherent sense of urgency, driving more sales in a short time frame. Ghost's livestreaming platform makes it a breeze to execute this strategy (plus you get your first show for free).

Use Shoppable Videos to Preview and Tease

A short shoppable video that previews what’s on offer during your BFCM event can be a game changer. Link these videos to a sign-up form to capture emails or mobile numbers, giving shoppers early access to your sales. This approach can be a magnet for sign-ups and increase your overall reach.

Goal 3: Offer Exclusive Deals to Boost Checkout Rates

Video Treasure Hunts

How about a video treasure hunt? Use Ghost’s free shoppable video tool to spotlight special deals available only within those videos. This approach not only entices customers but also provides a rich medium to cross-sell and increase your Average Order Value (AOV). You can also use shoppable video to highlight bundles on offer for the season. Within the video, breakdown what you're bundling together and the benefits to shoppers to get these products together.

Niche Livestreams for Bundles and Promotions

Consider livestreams that focus on specific product categories to make it easier for consumers to sift through offers. This method can help you attract customers interested in those specific niches, making it easier to sell bundled offers and special promotions.

Goal 4: Turn Newcomers Into Fans

Provide Live Personal Shopping Support

Help new shoppers navigate technical product categories by offering live 1:1 personal shopping on demand or by appointment. Help gift shoppers connect with product experts using Ghost's one-on-one live personal shopping solution to co-browse your website, review products and gift ideas to suit any budget or recipient, and watch those add to carts add up faster than Santa's sleigh.

Make First Impressions Count with Live Welcome Events

Hosting a live welcome event is a powerful way to give newcomers an in-depth look at your brand and products. Utilize Ghost’s livestreaming platform to give a tour of your range, special offers, and perhaps even introduce team members. This makes newcomers feel like part of your community right away. You can also house these videos in a livestream library so new shoppers can catch up on all the great content you've been producing.

Onboard with Shoppable Videos

Onboarding isn't just for apps and services. Use Ghost's free shoppable video tool to create engaging productt overviews and 'how-to-use' guides. Make these videos the first thing new users see when they land on your site, instantly giving them value and a reason to stay.

Goal 5: Build Long-Term Customer Loyalty

Offer Post-Purchase Follow-Ups

The best way to tee up your next sale? Make sure the post-purchase experience is amazing. With Ghost's one-on-one live shopping solution, you can let shoppers book an appointment to walk through setup or a demo of how to use a product. From there, use these calls as an opportunity to cross-sell additional complementary products, providing education and inspiration to consumers and more sales for your business.

Reward Loyalty Through Exclusive Livestreams

Long-term customers should be treated like VIPs. Why not host an exclusive livestream for your most loyal customers? Provide them with first access to new products or exclusive discounts using Ghost’s livestreaming platform. This makes them feel valued and keeps them coming back for more.

Subscription-Based Personal Shopping Experiences

Offer subscription-based personalized shopping experiences through Ghost's one-on-one live personal shopping. Monthly curated product showcases can make your customers feel like they are consistently receiving new value from your brand, thus encouraging long-term commitment.

Wrapping Up

The holiday season is ripe with opportunities for merchants to make the most of video commerce. Whether it's through shoppable videos or livestreams, video adds a dynamic layer to your ecommerce strategies, making it easier to engage with consumers and drive sales. With Ghost’s suite of video commerce solutions, achieving these goals is easier and more affordable than ever. So what are you waiting for? Make this holiday season your most successful one yet with the power of video!

Want to dive in even deeper on some of these ideas? Access our free on-demand webinar and get set to sleigh the season with us.

And remember, Ghost offers free trials for all these video commerce tools. Get started today and elevate your holiday sales game!

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