Our Story

Built for merchants, designed by shoppers.

Our team has decades of experience focused on e-commerce and emerging technologies. We've powered hundreds of global launches and billions of transactions for major brands, and over time, we saw the struggles they faced when it came to bringing the richness of their in-store service and experience to their online customers. Shopping online has long been missing the quick access to help and education synonymous with in-store, as well as the personalized conversations between customers and associates. We've all scrolled through page after page of product, read countless reviews, and reached out for help, only to be met with a chatbot on the other side. It is these experiences that made us realize that ecommerce was long overdue for a shake up.

We're on a mission to transform shopping.

/ Leadership team
Tyler Murray
Founder, CTO
Jimmy Furlano
Founder, COO
Dan Shaw
Scott Johns