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Provide guided support through technical or complex purchases with live video shopping

Let’s get down to business. Help shoppers navigate large or complex catalogs, take them through custom order processes, and provide account-based support on-demand through live video calls.

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Conduct outbound live video co-shopping calls

Equip salespeople with Ghost’s platform to host one-on-one live video co-shopping sessions. Walk through new collections, provide recommendations, add products to cart and checkout within a call. 

Walk through technical details

Give customers peace of mind that they’re selecting the right product for their highly specified needs by offering on-demand support. Talk through specs, use cases, and equipment to track down the right product for every buyer.

Take custom orders

Get every detail just right by going through every step of a custom order process during a live shopping call. Talk through different finishes or options, promote upsells, and ensure customer satisfaction from the moment they hit buy.

Apply special pricing to motivate sales

Incentivize buyers with a reason to hit checkout by offering promotional pricing or bundling products within a live shopping call. Use your checkout’s existing logic to apply pricing rules; Ghost’s video co-shopping platform layers seamlessly on top of your existing tech stack.

Generate larger order values with personalized support

Avoid orders on autopilot. Connect with buyers while they’re browsing to expose them to new products that may help their business, or items that complement what’s already in their basket. 

Sell more online, more often, with live shopping.

Accelerate conversions by providing interactive, personalized support, guidance, and product recommendations.
Power your live shopping experience with in-store retail staff, customer service teams, or dedicated live shopping assistants operating anywhere in the world - from their homes to studio spaces or 'ghost stores'.


Conversion Rate Increase


Increase in Average Order Value

The world’s most customer-obsessed retailers are powering
live shopping with Ghost.

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Get started now with minimal IT lift and flexible subscription plans that grow with your business - plus, 100% of transactions fees for your first $25,000 in revenue through the Ghost platform is on us.

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