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Help ecommerce customers get more comfortable shopping online with live video shopping support

Flip your ecomm experience. Speed up the time to buying for high consideration products by offering a guided shopping experience. Answer questions, provide recommendations, and give design support by virtually exploring a consumer’s space.

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Virtually style a customer’s space

Enter a customer’s space - from anywhere! View a customer’s home or office space over video and provide expert, personalized product recommendations that’ll suit the size, light, space, or design of a room.

Curate a collection in real time

Go beyond pre-curated rooms or collections and cross-sell products based on what exactly a shopper is looking for, and what they already have. Share products within a live shopping call and explain how they work together to inspire customers to expand their purchase.

Answer questions and fill custom orders

Walk shoppers through complex product ordering, including custom orders. Show products up close, compare products side-by-side, and talk through warranties, just like you would in store, to convert more customers. 

Demonstrate product use or assembly

Help shoppers understand how to use a kitchen appliance or gadget by providing a real-time demo. Or, get customers set up for success by showing how easy it is to assemble a product over a call.

Provide swatches and care advice

Bring products or swatches on camera to give shoppers a real-time, dynamic look. Highlight how to clean an item, speak to fabric or material suitability for different lifestyles, and reassure customers about product quality.

Sell more online, more often, with live shopping.

Accelerate conversions by providing interactive, personalized support, guidance, and product recommendations.
Power your live shopping experience with in-store retail staff, customer service teams, or dedicated live shopping assistants operating anywhere in the world - from their homes to studio spaces or 'ghost stores'.


Conversion Rate Increase


Increase in Average Order Value

The world’s most customer-obsessed retailers are powering
live shopping with Ghost.

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Get started now with minimal IT lift and flexible subscription plans that grow with your business - plus, 100% of transactions fees for your first $25,000 in revenue through the Ghost platform is on us.

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