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Give customers a taste of shopping for your product in real life with live video shopping

Raise a glass to a better customer experience. Cater to shoppers’ individual tastes, dial into dietary requirements, and serve as a personal caterer, sommelier, brewmaster, or tastemaker through interactive video calls.

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Talk through tasting notes and flavors

Give shoppers the next best thing to an in-store tasting and get live shoppers to talk organically about the flavors of products, including spotlighting their personal favorites. Boost buyer confidence by educating shoppers on whether they might like a product based on their preferences.

Recommend products based on dietary restrictions

Talk through special diets, restrictions, or health goals and give shoppers peace of mind as to which products meet their unique needs. Drop browse abandonment rates by suggesting products that do meet a shopper’s needs if a product they were originally interested in won’t work.

Provide a live demo or recipe

Get shoppers’ tastebuds fired up by demonstrating how to prepare a product during a live call. Mix a cocktail, prepare a marinade, or fry up some noodles to highlight how easy it is to create a delicious culinary experience.

Find or curate a gift

Track down the perfect present by taking into account a shopper’s budget, the gifting occasion, and the giftee’s personal tastes. Take the guesswork out of browsing and suggest an item or collection that perfectly matches their needs.

Increase AOV with personalized recommendations

Put more food on the table (and in a shopper’s basket) by suggesting products in real time based on what a customer is showing interest in. Curate an entire wine or beer flight, suggest an appetizer to go with a main dish they’re interested in, or package up a gift basket as a host gift.

Sell more online, more often, with live shopping.

Accelerate conversions by providing interactive, personalized support, guidance, and product recommendations.
Power your live shopping experience with in-store retail staff, customer service teams, or dedicated live shopping assistants operating anywhere in the world - from their homes to studio spaces or 'ghost stores'.


Conversion Rate Increase


Increase in Average Order Value

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live shopping with Ghost.

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