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Give ecommerce customers a closer look with live video shopping

Time for a glow up. Offer live, on-demand personal service over video. Co-shop and curate a beauty routine that delights customers and drives higher AOV.

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Recommend products for specific beauty concerns

Assess a customer’s skin type, complexion, hair color or texture over video. Skip static buying guides and gather customer information in real time to point shoppers to the exact products that are most likely to work for them.

Provide real-life swatches and color comparisons

Avoid the pain of inaccurate swatches that lead to negative reviews. Get live shopping associates to swatch colors side-by-side, hold them up in different lights, and just speak to shade tones to help a shopper hone in on what they’re looking for.

Demonstrate product application and use

Help customers be successful with their beauty purchase from day one. Use live shopping calls as mini demos. Show how to blend eyeshadow, use a specific makeup brush, or curl hair with a styling tool to boost shopper confidence and drop returns.

Cross-sell products to build a beauty routine

Forgo one-size-fits-all bundling solutions and use live shopping to curate a collection on demand based on a shopper’s needs. Recommend products that fill gaps in a shopper’s routine or work well together to boost AOV.

Create a virtual store experience for DTC brands

Create the virtual store of your dreams - without the lift of heavy construction costs and leases. Immerse shoppers in an engaging ‘ghost store’ experience from anywhere.

Sell more online, more often, with live shopping.

Accelerate conversions by providing interactive, personalized support, guidance, and product recommendations.
Power your live shopping experience with in-store retail staff, customer service teams, or dedicated live shopping assistants operating anywhere in the world - from their homes to studio spaces or 'ghost stores'.


Conversion Rate Increase


Increase in Average Order Value

The world’s most customer-obsessed retailers are powering
live shopping with Ghost.

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Get started now with minimal IT lift and flexible subscription plans that grow with your business - plus, 100% of transactions fees for your first $25,000 in revenue through the Ghost platform is on us.

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