The most seamless, end-to-end live video
co-shopping platform.
The Ghost Difference: 
Remove Friction, Accelerate Conversion
Nothing is more frustrating than full shopping carts that are abandoned. The more obstacles in the purchase process, the less likely people are to buy. 95% of online consumers will not continue with purchasing when required to switch apps, sites, or sessions.

GhostRetail provides a new sales channel that eliminates the barriers to making an online purchase. We studied every facet of the buying journey - in-store and online - to architect the most seamless, end-to-end shopping experience that is proven to convert eCommerce transactions by more than 7x.

No other 1:1 live video shopping platform has the breadth and depth of integrated features.
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In-App Credit Card Vaulting + Checkout
Complete the entire transaction within the experience. No more jumping in and out of the platform to fulfill the entire journey.
Credit Payment Image
GhostRetail accepts all major credit card companies, Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal.
Seamlessly integrate into your existing payment processors including Adyen and Stripe.
Integrated Catalog,
Search + Barcode Scanner
Associates can quickly pull up any product within your eCommerce catalog within seconds or scan barcodes directly in the app to share with customers.
Catalog Impage
Scan and share as you shop with real-time product as your associates walk the customer through to purchase.
Mirror your existing eCommerce catalog or merchandise specifically to the experience in our CMS.
Real-Time Triggers + Product Sharing

Recreate the stimulating senses of in-store shopping through smart associate controls and a live view of the customer's actions to truly deliver a personalized experience.

Share products directly to your customer’s screen.

Scan and share products and collections directly to your customers as you shop with them and share details through video. Built-in deep linking allows you to link directly to a product or variant in the live experience as well.

Haptic feedback and notifications when shoppers add products to their bags.

Instant gratification is crucial in a positive customer experience. Receiving haptic feedback and instant notifications when receiving product recommendations or adding products to a shopper’s bag makes the buying experience enjoyable.

Real-time view of consumer shopping behavior.

Associates shop with consumers every step of the way and view buyers’ actions as they happen. See what customers are looking at, what they’ve favorited, what’s in their bag, when they add their payment details, and more… all in real-time.

Control Your Rollout with Appointments

GhostRetail comes equipped with in-app appointment booking and associate scheduling so that you can control the customer flow and manage your team accordingly. You can go one step further and enable a code gate to provide invite-only access to your live experience.

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Consumer Behaviour Data + Insights
Gain insights on your customer usage like you've never had before. Measure product shares, upsells, call duration, and more.
Sales Analytics
User roles and permissions allow you to control merchandising, reporting, collections and more.
Build your team and invite new associates to the app directly from your dashboard.
Fully Themable White Label Platform
Design your GhostRetail experience to your brand image. Your logo, colors, type face, and rich media all fit into the configurable user interface giving your company a unique 1:1 live video co-shopping experience that aligns to your brand identity.
Themable Platform Image
Update creative assets in real-time for promotions, new campaigns, or seasonal updates.
Choose to have your live experience display in unison with your existing eCommerce experience.