GhostRetail - the best Bambuser alternative

Both GhostRetail and Bambuser offer live video shopping to elevate the online customer experience. So what sets them apart? Read our Bambuser comparison below and learn why the world’s most customer-obsessed brands are working with Ghost.

What makes GhostRetail different?

Lightweight integration

Minimize IT lift and get your live shopping channel up faster with Ghost’s streamlined implementation. Add a snippet of code to your site and be ready to launch in weeks, not months.

Checkout in-call 

Shoppers can actually complete transactions during a live shopping call, getting support during checkout as needed. Not ready to checkout? Customer carts are still saved for post-purchase transactions.

Unlimited agents included

Our success is your success. Ghost’s transparent pricing includes unlimited seats and access to our training academy for every live shopping associate. 


Drive more conversions, boost AOV, and delight customers with one-to-one video shopping calls

Humanize the online shopping experience with truly personalized service, available on demand, through an interactive and intuitive interface. No signups required or apps to download - shoppers are connected to a live associate right when they need it.

Bring the in-store experience online

Share products, build bags, and complete orders within a live video shopping call. No store? No problem - Equip your customer service team to answer calls from anywhere or create a virtual store studio.

Accelerate conversions with interactive, personal support

Connect with your customers at any stage of the shopper journey to deliver personalized recommendations, answer questions, or provide a closer look at a product.

Differentiate your brand with an elevated CX

Take your unmanned ecommerce channel and make it interactive to drop return rates and boost retention and CLTV.


Drive more conversions in real time with in-call checkout

Take shoppers from consideration through to purchase with the ability to share products on screen, add to bag, and checkout within a call. If a shopper’s not ready to convert, their cart stays intact for them to check out independently after.


Save time and seamlessly connect to your existing website

Get started with one-to-one live shopping without heavy IT lift or involvement. Ghost layers on top of your site with a single snippet of code, allowing you to leverage your existing tech stack and innovation, with zero risk of degradation as you update your site or product catalog.


Accelerate the success of your live shopping experience with in-depth guidance and resources

We’re the product experts on how to make live video shopping successful - not you. So we bring our extensive knowledge to the table for every customer, designing promotional strategies, launch plans, training, and more that will help your live shopping channel take off.


Give customers and associates the flexibility to control the shopping journey

Options are never a bad thing. With Ghost, the associate can share products with a customer, or follow a customer as they browse on the site. Shoppers also have the option to turn their camera on or off depending on their preferences, and change their view from co-browsing on a site to full-screen video.


We’re here to help you launch, perfect, and scale your live shopping sales channel

Our Merchant Success and Customer Support teams go well beyond onboarding, bringing their expertise to every element of the live shopping experience.

Dedicated Merchant Success Manager 

Our Enterprise customers work closely with a Merchant Success Manager on everything from training and launch strategies to best practices for hosting calls, promoting your service, and guidance on new features in the Ghost platform.

Responsive support provided from day 1

We provide an expert team to guide you every step of the way so you’re up and running in no time - from setup to rollout and beyond. Need help on the fly? We offer direct customer support access to both your administrators and associates.

Ghost Academy access included

We often use a ‘train the trainer’ approach for bringing live shopping to your business, with unlimited access to a helpful resource library of best practices, guides, videos, and more. 

Launch a live one-to-one shopping experience to drive more conversions, boost AOV, and delight your customers

Our live shopping experts are happy to answer any questions. Plus, pay zero transaction fees for the first $25,000 of revenue generated through Ghost.

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