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We are all shoppers. Like you, we’ve been online looking at something (maybe a bit expensive) that we want, but need to explore more. Live video shopping has been a revelation — we can see the product and talk to someone. Then they go away and we continue to poke around on the site, bounce back and forth between chatbots, comparing items in the catalog, and putting stuff in our cart to deal with later. The video piece is just… a piece of the experience.

Yes, that happened to us, and that’s what drove GhostRetail into being. We’ve built a platform specifically for retailers to create a seamless experience for shoppers where they can engage with associates and brand ambassadors all the way through the process from discovery through checkout and beyond, live, on video. It delivers a friction-free encounter that drives conversions and order values, and reduces cart abandonment and returns. We have the data to prove it from top retailers — innovators who adopted our groundbreaking technology early, and we have built a team that can make it happen for you.
Leadership Team
Tyler Murray
Founder, CTO

Specializing in Global E-Commerce, Future Technologies and Real-Time Video.  Produced Billions in online sales for the world’s most recognizable brands.

Jimmy Furlano
Founder, COO

Serial entrepreneur with a primary focus on e-commerce and emerging technologies. Built and exited Live Commerce tech startup in 2018.

Scott Johns

Over 15 years of experience working with high growth technology companies, in multiple positions at the C-Suite level. Well-versed in financial management, corporate development, business leadership and operations.

Board of Directors
Adam Arviv
Adam Arviv

History of building high-quality companies with the goal of increasing long-term equity value. Took activist role in Bragg gaming BRAG.TO led turn around, raising $58M and increasing market cap from $20M to $400M in 2020 as interim CEO.

Mark Attanasio
Mark Attanasio
Board of  Directors

Managing Partner of Nocera Investment Corp, a private investment fund focused on high growth venture companies.
Former CEO and co-founder of Eight Capital, a full service investment dealer, and former President of Dundee Capital Markets, a full-service investment bank.

Jeff Casselman
Jeff Casselman
Board of Directors

CEO and President of Array Marketing, a premier merchandising partner to global brands and retailers with a focus on Health & Beauty. Led several public and private Companies all operating around the CPG space.

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